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Thetis Blacker, Fellow of the Temenos Academy, died on December 18th 2006

Thetis Blacker was an artist and writer who has a very special place in the history of Temenos. Her work was first featured in Temenos 4. From issue 6 to issue 9 of Temenos her 'Phoenix Egg', specially designed for the journal, appeared on its cover. Her association with Temenos continued with the journal's successor the Temenos Academy Review - the most recent issue contains the first part of her fascinating recollections of Kathleen Raine's 'Web of Friendship'. Thetis Blacker was one of Kathleen's closest and dearest friends. Their cats - Ruskin and Daisybelle - were also acquainted, enjoying a long correspondence.

Over the years Thetis Blacker gave several lectures to the Academy. We were most fortunate to have her speak twice last year, to give her account of 'More Threads in the Web of Friendship', and to describe her work as a batik artist, which she did for almost two hours at the Art Workers Guild to a room packed full of her friends, enthralled and amazed by her beautiful paintings. We can be thankful that many examples of her work can be seen adorning some of our greatest places of Christian worship - Durham Cathedral, Winchester Cathedral, St. George's Chapel, Windsor.

She wrote a book about the vivid dreams she experienced, Pilgrimage of Dreams, and was compiling a second volume along the same lines at the time of her death.

The Temenos Academy will publish a fuller obituary in the near future and, we hope, a memorial publication for Thetis Blacker. The brief record of some of her achievements given above does not begin to convey what a remarkable person she was. Full of fun, life and joy in life, she was truly unique, and quite incomparable. She will be deeply missed.

For information about the Thetis Blacker Temenos Batik Scholarship see here