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The Saint Damien Community and
The Temenos Academy Young Scholars Conference


12 - 13 May 2018

Saturday 9am–6pm; Sunday 9am–5pm
American College, Naamsestraat 100, 3000 Leuven, BELGIUM

This conference will bring together interdisciplinary approaches from theology and philosophy to reflect on the place of religious thought in an increasingly secular world. From mysticism to ethics, from sacred poetry to metaphysics, the overarching aim of the conference is to present a vision that affirms the unique contribution of sacred thought to the world.

Keynote speakers:
Dr Joseph Milne (UK)
Valentin Gerlier (UK)
Dr John Alonso Dick (USA)
Professor William Desmond (Ireland)

The conference is open to anyone aged 18–35. Admission is free, breakfast and lunch on Saturday and Sunday will be provided. Please contact the organiser for accommodation details, which will be either in student shared accommodation or in youth hostels, hotels etc, around Leuven.
Please register in advance by using the form on the back of this flyer.


The COMMUNITY OF ST DAMIEN is an intentional community for students to come together in faith, fellowship, and the pursuit of knowledge situated in one wing of the historic, recently renovated building called the American College in Leuven.

TEMENOS ACADEMY is an educational charity which offers education in philosophy and the arts in the light of the sacred traditions of East and West. The Greek word ‘temenos’ means ‘a sacred precinct’.

The TEMENOS ACADEMY YOUNG SCHOLARS scheme has been set up for the beneft of young students who are attracted to the Temenos Academy’s approach to learning from, and not merely about, the great religious and philosophical traditions. Young Scholars are strongly encouraged to submit an original paper on a topic of their choice written in a way that emulates the first five of the TEN BASIC PRINCIPLES that inspire the work of the Temenos Academy. For details of these and more information about the Young Scholars please refer to: